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Building OHIO Athletic Legacy through Multi-Purpose Center

Building OHIO Athletic Legacy through Multi-Purpose Center

The impact of Bob Wolfinger's experience as a student at Ohio University continues to remain strong. He treasured his time on campus and has saw fit to give back to OHIO through his various volunteer activities and charitable contributions. In particular, he recently chose to support the Multi-Purpose Center project which will greatly enhance practice and training opportunities for current and future Bobcat student-athletes. Mr. Wolfinger truly knows the meaning of Bobcat spirit and proudly shows it through his support.

As a student, Mr. Wolfinger decided to attend Ohio University because it was close to home. He was attracted to OHIO's rich tradition and the seemingly unlimited academic choices. He received a solid education and was exposed to the many cultural and social opportunities OHIO has to offer, leaving him with fond memories of his college experience.

Mr. Wolfinger is actively involved with Ohio University today by supporting and promoting the university. He encourages high school students to consider OHIO as their choice for higher education. He is also a member of the Ohio University National Alumni Board, Ohio Bobcat Club Advisory Board and a Bobcat Club Representative.

Mr. Wolfinger specifically supports the Ohio Bobcat Club and Ohio Athletics because of his belief in the OHIO Bobcats. The university lacks many of the financial resources and media marketing to compete with other major athletic programs. He explains that without the Multi-Purpose Center, it is hard for Ohio University's athletic teams to contend with other teams who continually play for MAC championships or NCAA tournaments. Bob says, "Our elite athletes will go on to the professional level, but all have the educational opportunity to become leaders in our society."

Mr. Wolfinger felt the need to contribute to the Multi-Purpose Center because it allows OHIO's athletes to enhance their skills throughout their time here. Ohio University is one of the few Division I programs that does not have an indoor facility, and he believes that should be changed. He also strongly feels that Center will benefit other programs like the Marching 110, Intramural Sports as well as many other non-athletic areas of the University. Mr. Wolfinger knows the Multi-Purpose Center will help build and maintain the legacy of Ohio University.