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Investing in the Future with A Charitable Gift Annuity

Investing in the Future with A Charitable Gift Annuity
Richard Lamprey is looking ahead to a world where we live in balance with nature. When Mr. Lamprey learned about the sustainability programs at Ohio University, he knew the time for "giving back" was now. He understands that we have the responsibility to protect our environment, and providing financial support for the sustainability initiatives such as the one at Ohio University is vital to the well-being of future generations.

The son of an engineer, Mr. Lamprey graduated from Ohio University in 1964 with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and a master's degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering in 1977. Given his family background and science training, Mr. Lamprey understands the importance of caring for our environment and living in balance with the world's declining supply of non-renewable natural resources. He recognizes, "the world cannot support our current way of living indefinitely." Now living near Columbus Ohio, Richard is actively involved in community projects such as organizing a new community garden, assisting initiatives to build local resilient communities, and supporting statewide green energy programs.

"It is imperative that we learn and develop new ways for sustainable living," Mr. Lamprey says, and he believes his donation to Ohio University will help achieve this goal. His donation will support programs that raise awareness and encourage learning about sustainability, environmental stewardship, and conservation of natural resources.

In considering a charitable donation to support the sustainability initiatives and studies at Ohio University, Richard said a charitable gift annuity is "definitely a win/win program that benefits both the contributor and the University." With the combined tax deduction and a steady lifetime income, the effective rate of return can be more favorable than typical investment savings opportunities. Ohio University likewise benefits by receiving financial support for a program of vital importance to the future. By supporting this program, he hopes his gift "will help people better understand their personal impact on the environment in a world where future generations will experience life without the abundant supply of non-renewal fossil fuel." Above all, he hopes his gift will inspire other prospective donors to consider similar donations.

In talking with other alumni, Richard found that all had benefitted from their experiences at Ohio University and living in the Athens community, and he believes a charitable donation is a good way to offer something in return. "When I lived in Athens" he says, "people were starting to talk about environmental issues, and a University Office of Sustainability was just a dream." Today the Office is a reality. With the tax incentives and favorable rate of return offered by the charitable gift annuity, he hopes that other alumni will look into the financial advantages of supporting the important sustainability initiatives at Ohio University.

Mr. Lamprey says that "he feels good about a charitable donation that truly makes a difference." If you are interested in contributing to sustainability activities at Ohio University, please contact Sonia Marcus, Sustainability Coordinator, at (740) 593-0460 or marcuss@ohio.edu. To learn more about the financial advantages of a charitable gift annuity, please contact Kelli Bell, Executive Director of Development for Gift Planning, at (740) 597-1819, toll free at (800) 592-3863, or send an email to: bellk@ohio.edu.