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Gift Annuity Benefits All

Gift Annuity Benefits All
Dr. David Curl has always felt like he owed something to Ohio University because he got so much from it. Having grown up in Columbus, he attended Ohio State, then transferred to Ohio University. Dr. Curl was a Photography major while the Photography program was under the leadership of Clarence White, Jr., a major figure in 20th century photography. Dr. Curl split his time between Athens and Columbus, serving as a Teaching Assistant, working in the darkroom, and taking classes on weekdays while working weekends as a staff photographer for the Columbus Dispatch.

His time in Athens provided Dr. Curl with a valuable connection to renowned professionals in his field as well as professional credentials, which prepared him for graduate study in instructional communication and a career teaching and practicing photography that has continued for 60 years. Since Ohio University prepared him well for his career, Dr. Curl always planned to give back. Like most alumni, he never accumulated enough to endow a building, but he hoped to return something to the institution and the program that gave him so much.

When Dr. Curl learned about Charitable Gift Annuities, he knew he had found a way to give back. At a time when CDs are paying zero interest rates, annuities can be more advantageous. Also unlike many investments, a CGA offers reliable, fixed annuity payments. Dr. Curl and his wife have grandchildren in college, and their top priority is helping to underwrite their grandkids' future. Dr. Curl reasons, "Some money with a tax advantage is better than the same amount invested at zero percent interest." With a CGA, Dr. Curl transfers assets to The Ohio University Foundation (and receives a charitable income tax deduction), and the Foundation will pay fixed annual annuity payments to his selected beneficiaries for a fixed term of years, after which time the remaining sum becomes a donation to support the University.

"A CGA is an opportunity to have my cake and eat it too," says Dr. Curl. In addition to providing an advantageous investment opportunity that helps provide for his grandchildren's future, a CGA also allows him to fulfill his lifelong goal of giving back to Ohio University. He has earmarked his gift for Visual Communication (the current home of the Photography program) for the department's general use, he says, "because they need all the help they can get." He gave to the Photography program because it is closest to his heart. He hopes they can use it for scholarships, visiting lectures, or supplementing the department's budget – so long as it benefits the students.

Dr. Curl's gift helps him feel good about giving back in a way that is beneficial to his family. If you are interested in how a Charitable Gift Annuity could benefit you, your family, and Ohio University please contact Kelli Bell, Executive Director of Development for Gift Planning, at (740) 597-1819 or bellk@ohio.edu.