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Giving Time and Talent

Giving Time and Talent

Philanthropy, it is often said, is an act of sharing one’s time, talent, or treasure. While fundraisers often focus on treasure, Frank Stevens understands that time and talent can be just as valuable.

A 1974 graduate of Ohio University, Mr. Stevens went on to obtain an MBA and began a 28 plus career as an executive and leader in health care. Currently his work has a national focus, evaluating and leading financially and operationally troubled organizations, assisting management and boards of directors in developing strategies and financial forecasts, evaluating organizational leaders and organizational culture, conducting forensic investigations regarding regulatory compliance, and providing expert testimony.

In his daily discussions with clients, he hears a persistent theme: the absence of employees who are well prepared to become leaders in their organizations. He believes that the College of Health Sciences and Professions at Ohio University can be one of the key programs to prepare and inspire undergraduate and graduate students to meet the challenges of the American health care system.

A longtime supporter of his alma mater, Mr. Stevens volunteers his time as a guest speaker, serving as the chair of both the dean’s advisory council and the college’s campaign committee, funding a scholarship for CHSP, and accepting the responsibility as a Trustee for the Ohio University Foundation Board of Trustees. Whether to guest lecture, provide mentoring to students, or consult with the university leadership, he has strengthened his relationship with OHIO through his efforts.

Though Mr. Stevens did not graduate from the College of Health Sciences and Profession, he has chosen to focus his efforts for this college, driven by his passion and commitment to the health care industry and the development of future leaders and clinical providers prepared to meet the challenges of the evolving health care system. He believes that to be a prominent educator of future health care leaders and clinical professionals, the College must integrate into the learning process guest lecturers from highly experienced health care executives and leaders, providing both informative insights, networking, and mentoring opportunities for students.

Understanding the current and potential future challenges for funding CHSP, Mr. Stevens believes that donating his time, experience, and knowledge to the College is of equal or greater value than simply writing a check. Mr. Stevens hopes that other alumni will keep “The Promise” alive for future generations of Ohio University students by giving of their time, experience, knowledge, talent and financial treasures.