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Continued Giving Builds Future Leaders

Continued Giving Builds Future Leaders

Philanthropy is ongoing in the lives of Dr. Wilfred and Ann Lee Konneker. They have been giving to the university over the course of 50 years. As an alumnus, Dr. Konneker truly enjoys giving back to the university that has provided him with lifetime friends and a great education. One of their latest contributions will, once again, broaden the horizons for the students in the Manasseh Cutler Scholars Program. By establishing the Konneker-Ping General Endowment, he is ensuring the financial stability of the program. The Endowment also provides a mechanism for expanding the scope and depth of scholar enrichment and development. The funds are used to host professional development and leadership seminars, for teambuilding initiatives, and for costs associated with educational fieldtrips. The name is derived from Dr. Konneker and Dr. Ping's combined commitment to this program.

Dr. Konneker maintains his connection through Ohio University by investing in students and by volunteering his time. He first began to give back in the early 1960's, serving as Chairman of the Alumni Board, Foundation Board, and 1804 campaign. He notes a memorable time in his charitable giving was working with then university President, Dr. Charles Ping, to develop the Cutler Scholars Program. The award and recognition of being a Cutler Scholar provides endless opportunities to enrich and build these students characteristics of leadership, ethics, citizenship, and integrity.

Dr. Konneker is motivated to give to higher education and the arts. He believes we need educators to guide future students, and the arts to help people think of what goes on in the world. He is driven to give back because of his desire for young people to receive a good education that will equip them to work out problems nationally and internationally. The Cutler Scholars Program helps guide the future leaders of our world, and with the Konneker-Ping General Endowment, ensures the continued investment in these leaders. He claims that the Cutler Scholars Program is one of his favorite means of giving back because he is helping to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for students. In the program, the students gain self-independence and the ability to develop a sense of work ethic. They also complete internships locally and overseas, which shows them how businesses operate, gives them the ability to get along with different people, and helps them develop world-wide perspectives.

Dr. Konneker and his wife have much dedication to Ohio University, and especially to the Manasseh Cutler Scholars Program. To date, Dr. and Mrs. Konneker have enabled many students to become distinguished Cutler Scholars at a fine university. Their continued support ensures the Cutler Scholars Program's stability and growth. Their generosity is endless and their financial contributions helped make the university what it is today. "When the students grow, the university grows." Dr. Konneker gets a sense of real pleasure knowing his contributions have been worthwhile in the arts as well as in higher education.

If you are interested in helping to contribute to the lives of talented students through the Konneker-Ping General Endowment in the Cutler Scholars Program, please contact Kelli Kotowski, Executive Director of Gift Planning at (740) 597-1819 or kotowskk@ohio.edu.