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From the Classroom to the Real World

From the Classroom to the Real World
From former college classmates to married alumni, the Zellners have spent the years since graduation busily pursuing their dreams. Jon, a 1987 graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications and Broadcast journalism, currently holds the position of Sr. Vice President at Clear Channel Media + Entertainment in Washington D.C. An active member of many organizations while at OHIO, Jon spent time at WOUB, The Post, ACRN, The Associated Press and other media outlets to hone his craft and pursue a career in media.

“Radio is such a powerful force in America and around the world,” he said. “It offers a strong emotional connection with listeners and I’ve wanted to be a part of that since I was very young. I never had a ‘plan B’.”

Radio and television work was Jon’s passion. But for Patty, who graduated in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree in interpersonal communication, it took a little longer to find her niche.

“I left college thinking I was going to law school,” she said. ““I realized shortly after graduating that being an attorney wasn’t a good fit. I wanted to make a difference and I followed that passion to non-profit fundraising.” Patty is the director of Children’s Miracle Network Hospital for the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

The learning experiences offered at OHIO helped shape the Zellners, but their real world experiences were equally as beneficial toward having their promise realized.

“The best advice I have for current students is to be a sponge and take the time to learn and experience all you can,” Jon said. “This applies in the classroom, but also in your adult life. The possibilities are endless so aim high and look for what will bring you the most happiness.”