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Pat Connor Study Giving Story

Pat Connor Study Giving Story
Alumni play a vital role in the continuing success of Ohio University. When alumni choose to allocate their personal gifts to benefit the continuing improvement of the faculty and staff on campus, the impact can be seen almost instantly with the overall education offered to the students at Ohio University.

Patricia Connor Study (AB '48) is one individual who took what she valued most, her liberal arts education from OHIO, and committed her resources to the continuing success of the university and its faculty. The Patricia Connor Study Professorship in Contemporary History has allowed her to witness the improvement in education students on the OHIO campus are receiving.

Study, who graduated from the Athens City Schools, currently resides is Chicago following a successful real estate career graduation from Ohio University. Study explained the importance of the liberal arts degree she earned while at OHIO and how it has continued to spark a curiosity in learning.

"I am always learning, always curious, which is part of the liberal arts education. The education gave me bits of knowledge from all areas so I can always go back and pull from that knowledge and build on it. I had the ability to learn about all of the fields," said Study.

Several times throughout each year, Study returns to the campus and remembers the times she spent here growing up. As a member of the Ohio University Foundation Board, Study has been able to keep close ties with the university and those involved.

The highlights of her trips back to Athens are the classes and lectures in the Contemporary History department, which Study makes a point to attend.

Kevin Mattson, professor of history, was appointed to the Patricia Connor Study Professorship in Contemporary History.

"To visit the contemporary history department, it is an outstanding history department, Every time I visit the campus, I attend classes or a lecture, it is always fascinating and exciting. It is the high point of my visit," said Study.

"A good college education provides the curiosity and never-ending interest to learn, that is where the doors were opened for me," said Study.

The reasons explained by Study were only part of the reasoning behind the named professorship she has provided. "I wanted something that would always be a memory of my Dad; he always encouraged me to learn as many things as I could. This allowed for me to pay him back for the education he allowed me to receive," said Study.

Study also explained the importance of having well educated and experienced faculty because they are the ones working alongside the students and preparing them for their professional career.

The named professorship is not the only thing to teach Study new angles of the university. The time Study has spent on the Ohio University Foundation Board has been a learning experience of itself.

"My time on the board has expanded my knowledge of how Ohio University functions. How essential both the present and the future are to the university," said Study.

To hear Study talk about her experiences and work with Ohio University would make most just as eager to see first hand the impact Study has made on the campus.