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1804 Society

The 1804 Society is Ohio University's planned giving recognition society. You become a member in this society by giving, or committing to give, a planned gift to The Ohio University Foundation. A planned gift is made through a separate legal instrument that is often deferred until a future date, such as a will, revocable trust, gift annuity, charitable remainder trust, charitable lead trust, or life insurance. An outright cash gift or pledge is not considered a "planned gift."

If you have created a planned gift for The Ohio University Foundation, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

Membership in the 1804 Society allows us to recognize you for the plans you have made and to inspire others with your generosity. Benefits of membership in the 1804 Society include an invitation to recognition events, inclusion on the membership roll on this page, and a membership pin. The most important benefit, of course, is the satisfaction of knowing that you have meaningfully contributed to the continued excellence of Ohio University and have made an impact on the lives of our students.

We look forward to seeing our members at future 1804 Society events. We intend to gather annually for our induction ceremony and luncheon, as well for other functions. We will be in touch with our members about these upcoming events and certainly hope that all will be able to join us.

Contact us directly at 1804Society@ohio.edu.

1804 Society Members
Mr. David L. & Amber L. Abram
Dr. Patricia A. Ackerman
Ms. Susan J. Ackerman
Dr. Karen C. Adams
Rita Fuerst Adams
Mr. Andrew N. Alexander
Mrs. Ethel H. Allshouse
Mr. Bruce A Americus
Mr. Lowell E. "Duke" Anderson
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Anderson
Ms. Karen Sue Ardner
Ms. Joanne C. Arlia '77
Mr. Glen & Carol Arthur
Miss Joyce Atwood
Mr. Russell Bauman '76
Romaine B. Bayless, M.D.
Mr. Charles W. Beck, Jr.
Mr. David M. Berry
Robert Beseda, Ph. D.
Dr. Stuart C. Blersch
Dr. Roy A. & Connie Blinn
Mr. Greg Blower & Mrs. Janice A. McDaniel-Blower
Mr. Erwin and Mrs. Denise Boal
Mr. Robert Lee Borger
Mr. Jack & Sandy Bortle
Ms. Debbie Phillips Bower
Mr. J.R. Bozman
Mr. Daniel O. Brown
Mr. Douglas L. Brown
Ms. Jeanette Grasselli Brown
Mr. Richard H. & Christine D. Brown
Dr. Mary Frances Bryja
James G. Buchholz, M.D. '60 & Doris A. Buchholz '60
Mr. Syd & Sonya Buck
Ms. Sally M. Buesch
Mrs. Mary Lou Cameron
Mr. Charles V. & Harriet M. Carlson
Mr. George & Deborah Carroll
Mr. John A. Cassese '76 '79
Mr. Jeffery Dale Chaddock
Mr. Michael W. Chapin '81
Ms. Nanette Chastain
Dr. Natalie Chieffe
Mr. Thomas & Sandra Chudy
Mr. Fred R. Colburn
Mr. Alan M. Coleman
Mr. Donald M. Compton
Patricia J. Cordova
Mr. John R. Corlett
Mr. Thomas M Costello, Jr.
Mr. Mark Crosten
Mr. Wm. Charles & Mary E. Culp
Ms. Carolyn McLaughlin Cuppernull
Dr. David H Curl
Kathryn Dansky
Dr. John D. Davis
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Marilyn Day
Mr. David J. Delzingaro '71
Mr. Jim J. Demetrion
Richard D. & Joan Dickerson
Mr. James L. Dine
Beth H. Driver
Mr. R. Scott Durcanin
Mr. Skip & Kay (Grosheim) Edwards
Herbert E. Eglie
Carlotta Eisen
Mr. Lawrence & Lisa Ellerbrock
Mr. Sanford D. Elsass
Mr. Richard & Doris Emde
Mr. Jerry L. Esselstein
Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert S. Farfel
Mr. Dwight L. Ferguson
Col. William and Mrs. Sarah Finnicum
Ms. Lois P. Flanagan
Dr. Marvin Fletcher
Dr. Don & Mary Anne Flournoy
Mike, Bonnie & Brian Fogarty
William N. Forsstrom
Mr. Theodore S. & Katharin K. Foster
Mr. Douglas J. Freeman
Lt. Col. Robert G Frye
Mrs. G. June Cunningham Futch
Mr. Dick & Veda J. Gardner
Mr. Barry Garlitz
Mr. Larry A. & Mary A.Gates
Mr. Tim Gebard
Skip & Pat Gebhart
Mr. Richard H. Gentry
Mr. Barry and Mrs. Teresa Gillum
Ms. Lois M. (Coganow) Goldberg
Mr. Phillip E. & Dr. M. Ellen Goldsberry
Dr. William D. & Janet C. Graham
Ms. A. F. Greenfield
Mr. Paul A. Gydosh Jr.
Mr. Kenneth E. Hart, BSED '66
Dr. Timothy & Kathy Hartman
Mr. Robert C. Hartung
Sarah R. Hayden
Mr. David W. Henderson, MSJ '69
Mr. Robert L. Henning
Miss Marcia R. Herman
Mr. Robert L. Heskett
Mr. Joseph & Elizabeth Heston
Mr. & Mrs. T. Glenn Hill, Sr.
Mr. William D. Hilyard
Mr. Denis & Beverly Hine
Mr. Charles L. (Chuck) Horn
Mr. Scott Allen Hurson
Mr. David and Mrs. Cynthia Iden
Dr. Daniel E. Innis
Mr. Gary V. Javitch '69
Mr. Walter R. Johnson Jr.
Dr. Robert H. Josselson
Mr. Ed & Audrey Kancler
Mr. Kit Christopher Karbler
Dr. Kim K. Keffer
Mr. James B. Keiser
Mr. Robert W. Kelly
Ms. Marianne Kindregan
Mr. William Klauber '53 and Mrs. Barbara Klauber
Susan Anderson Kline, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Konneker
Mr. John Koonts
Dr. John and Mrs. Charlene Kopchick
Mr. Louis & Carollee Kopocs
Mr. Stephen R. Kostelnik
Robert J. Kromer, D.O.
Dr. Dana Marie & Mr. Thomas Kromer
Virginia L. Lacy
Mr. Walter Latacz
Mr. Michael E. and Mrs. Pamela K. Leonard
Mr. David and Mrs. Catherine Levy
Mr. Fil Line '62
Penelope Hendrick Lumley
Mr. Jim & Lillian Marquand
Mr. James M. Matesich
Mrs. June R. Mattson
Mr. Robert & Shirley Max
Dr. Richard and Norma McFarland
Miss Margaret A. McKechnie
Paul P. & Annabelle W. Mechling Scholarship
Mr. Robert E. Mercer
Dr. K. Alvin & Shirley Merendino
Paul G. Miller
Mrs. Barbara L. Miller
Mr. David C. Mitchell
Dr. Danny R. Moates
Mr. Steven Modell
Mrs. Nellie J. Molea
Robert F. Monti
Robert S. & Connie S. Moock
Chad J. Neifer
Dr. Gary S. & Mrs. Mangalit Neiman
Mr. Andrew Allen Laing Nelson
Mr. John G. Nye '59
Karol A. & Jo Ann Ondick
Ann & Scott O'Donnell
Mr. David W. & Patricia B. Palmer
Mr. Thomas Parfitt, CPA
Mr. Ron & Barbara Patrick
Dr. W. Lawrence Patrick
Dr. Violet L. Patton
Mr. Francis M. (Budd) Paulson
Dr. Gregory B. Pavlin
Mr. Stephen A. Pell
Mr. Ralph & Darcy Phillips
Dr. Charles & Claire Ping
Dr. Reba Pinney
Mrs. Diana Wilhelm Pollock
Don & Joyce Porter
Mr. Tom Price & Mrs. Susan Crites Price
Ruth E. Purdy, DO
Mr. Bob & Kay Rader
Mr. Lowell L. Rausch
Miss Barbara J. Reed
Dr. Kenneth C. Reed
Mary Jane Reiter
Dr. James L. Riestenberg
Mr. Nelson & Patt Ritner '66
Dr. T. Richard & Eleanora Robe
Mr. Robert F. & Nancy Dieffenbacher Roberts
Mr. Frank P. Robertson '73 & Mrs. Kathy Fountain Robertson
Mr. Gary J. & Cindy A. Robinson
Dell D. Robinson
Mr. David and Mrs. Patricia Robinson
William J. & Linda K. Rothman
Mr. Steve & Sharon Rowley
Ms. Linda J. Saul
Mr. William P. Saviers Jr.
Sandra L. Saydah
Dr. Joseph C Schultz '70
Joseph I. Scurlock
She Writes Plays!
Cynthia H. (Nikki) & Hugh D. Sherman III
Mr. Ellis Shuman
Dr. R. Smith Schuneman & Patricia Ward Shunememan
Ms. Mary Ann Sellers
Mr. Mark '84 & Catherine '87 Shaffer
Mr. Ron & Jane Sibila
Mrs. Nancy Byrd Smith
Mr. Mark & Rita Snider
Mr. Robert L. Snuggs
Ms. Joan Hart Spires
Mr. Bob & Phyliss Steenbergen
Ilene D. Steinberg
Mr. Frank B. Stevens
Ms. Ruth Ellen Story
Don W. & Connie B. Stout
Drs. Craig '68 & Rebecca '68 Strafford
Mr. Charles R. Stuckey Jr.
Mrs. Patricia Connor Study
Dr. Folden B. & Margaret D. Stumpf
Dr. Betty Jo Sullivan
Mr. Kit Sultz
Mr. John P. Susany
Mr. Keith R. Tallis
Mr. William Taylor
Ms. Jordan Lea Templeton
Dr. & Mrs. R.E. Thompson
Mr. James and Mrs. Cathy Tilling
Mrs. Karin Lerch Toomey
Ms. Inghilt Traenkle
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Jennifer Trotta
Dr. Geraldine N. Urse '93
Peggy Viehweger
Dr. & Mrs. Roger Vincent
Peggy Viehweger
Dr. Eric A. Wagner
Ms. Susan Wall
Mr. Byron L. Ward
Ms. Jeanne L. Warner
Miss Kellie A Warwick
Mrs. Paula J. Watters
Mr. Bill & Jan Weidaw
Mr. Richard C. & Mrs. Betty J. Weiser
William F. Wemer
Mr. R. Budd & Janet Kelsey Werner
Carolyn A. West. Ph. D.
Mrs. Ellen L. Whaley
Anne E. Whaples
Mr. John & Joyce Wharton
Dr. Wendell B. Whitacre
Dennis W. White, M.D.
Mr. Harold F. White
Mr. Terry R. White
Mr. Richard A. Wiedemer Jr.
Mr. John F. & Rita L.Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. H. Robert Wismar Jr. '52
Mr. Robert C. Wolfinger, Jr.
Mrs. Joan Herrold Wood
Dr. Jane Zartman Woodrow
Mr. Michael J. Worley
David W. Wubbolding
Mr. Jim & Suzi Wycoff '71
Dr. Alberta Yeboah
Mr. R. Jeffrey Young

This membership roll recognizes alumni, faculty, parents, and other friends who have given or committed to give a planned gift to The Ohio University Foundation, and agreed to list their name.